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DAAU live in Breda, 29/05/2004. photo by Erik Grond

Welcome to the unofficial web site about DAAU, one of the most original and creative bands in the world today.
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Try-out concerts annonuced

25/08/2009 - Let us rejoice and be glad! DAAU are making their way back to the stage. They are playing two try-out concerts in the upcoming weeks. They'll be playing new material, presumably, so it should be a really interesting. The second concert is a benefit, with many other acts such as Dez Mona, Lais-Lenski and Stef Kamil Carlens also in the line-up.

August 30 - Brussels, RTT
September 6 - Antwerpen, Bourla

In other news, there is some wonderful video footage from the band's trip to Brazil last year. Looks like it was professionally filmed for television. It includes six full songs, one of which is unreleased. I first heard it in March 2008 at the Berlin gig, now it has been given a title for the first time: Caroinal Point. (ta-taaa!) I couldn't get the seventh song ("Two Fast Dreams") to play, though - I guess you can't have it all.

One really interesting release is the tribute album to British industrial (?) group Coil entitled "This Immortal Coil". DAAU supplied music for this release. There is a website and myspace surrounding this release. I am waiting for my copy but judging from the myspace tracks, it almost sounds like it has Bonnie Prince Billy singing with DAAU supplying the music, something which I'd never thought I'd hear. The album is available as CD (plus free CD) or 2LP (plus free 7"), the music being the same in both flavours.
Happy New Year!

04/01/2009 - Here's to a year full of good music, great concerts, new albums, generall happiness, health and anarchism!

Seems hard to believe but 2009 will mark the 10th anniversary of the first version of this website. Whatever pathetic piece of shitty HTML I pieced together to make the first version of this site is hopefully lost in the nirvana of pre-google internet. But we've come a long way here, and I want to thank you, faithful readers, for that. There even was a brief period of time when the URL of this site here was the quasi-official one, printed on flyers and included in press kits. But as the band has a good and well-maintained official site for a while now, the purpose of this site has evolved. In keeping with that, this year will see a major redesign of this site. After all it's been five years since the last one. So, stay tuned for good things to come.

Right now there is not much DAAU news to report, except that a new album, a film score and some concerts will hopefully be on the agenda in 2009. So here's what's going on in the "picking up the pieces" department...

Butsenzeller has had his record "NATT" out for a couple weeks now, recorded with the help of contributors such as Simon Lenski and Dieter Sermeus, singer of The Go-Find. Eclectic, danceable electro-triphop... maybe. Definitely recommended. Numerous possibilities to purchase a download from the myspace page, but if you prefer to order some real vinyl, here's a direct link to Wharf Records.

Simon Lenski has a pair of performances of "Collateral Damage" lined up as part of the theatre company Eisbär. The dates are January 28 & 29 in Kortrijk. He's also busy with Guy van Nueten's Trio Quartet, who will start recording an album soon and might be playing around Belgium.

Buni is playing with a new band called Starboard Silent Side. They are based in Paris and have gigs lined up around town for the Spring, as well as a national tour to come. Give it a listen, I really like the sound. And that violin sound is unmistakable.

And finally, Dez Mona have been to England recording their third album and have a few Belgian concert dates scheduled for the Winter season.

05/10/2008 - DAAU will travel to São Paulo next week for two concerts at the Mostra SESC de Artes 2008 on October 12 and 14. Yet another country invaded.
Der Letzte Mann

09/08/2008 - The Bear Guts Quintet will play a live soundtrack to F. W. Murnau's 1924 film "Der letzte Mann" next week, August 13th, in Antwerp. More info here. As always, who exactly will be in the band is unknown at this point, but it's a safe bet that you'll see two or three DAAU members there.
New album in 2009; Coil tribute

08/07/2008 - As DAAU said in a recent newsletter, "The band are working hard on new music for the upcoming album, due for release in 2009. There will be no more shows this year." However, there should be a release of some new DAAU music in the meantime, as the band have recorded five tracks for an upcoming tribute album to Coil, one of the defining experimental groups from Britain. The album will be released on Radical Duke in collaboration with Ici d'Ailleurs. For these recordings they joined Christine Ott, an ondes martenot player from France. This should be very, very interesting.

You can listen to a few tracks recorded live on the Swedish tour here, thanks to Radio 1.

The following piece of news is not entirely new, but anyway: Han appears on the Coem CD entitled "We've Got Speakers On The Outside Of Our Spacecraft", and sometimes plays with them live. His colleague Simon Lenski is taking his cello out on the current Paramount Styles tour. Paramount Styles is the new band of Scott McCloud of Girls Against Boys. Apparently Simon doesn't play on the album, though I'm not sure.

And when Simon and Han don't play with the aforementioned bands, they sometimes can be seen with the Danish band Murder. See what David Fricke, senior editor of Rolling Stone magazine, had to say when Murder and DAAU performed together in Aarhus recently. Quite positive really.
Radical Duke label nights in Brussels and Berlin

08/03/2008 - The Radical Duke label, home to DAAU and a number of friends and other up-and-coming indie stars, presents two nights of Radical Duke music in two European capitals this month. Absolutely not to be missed, so here are the details:

There's a Swedish tour report worth reading on the band's myspace, the tour immortalized by the band's new project to record their live shows and sell copies of the recordings immediately after the show is over. To see what they played, there are play lists at the Radical Duke site.
Swedish tour in February 2008

12/12/2007 - Swedish fans got their first small taste of daau almost three years ago, now there's plenty for everyone up there, as DAAU will play theatres, hotels and music schools in every corner of the country in February 2008. Upon returning home, they will put up a screen and perform more "Our daily bread" movie soundtracks. The schedule on the tour page is up-to-date, for once!

As for side activity, there's even more to report than usual. Butsenzeller has not only had a one-night stand with Craig Ward, but is also preparing to release his own first album, entitled "Natt", to be previewed here. What about that one-night stand, you ask? The band is called Riefenstahl and has a release coming up, and it's as noisy as you can imagine.

Simon and Han were spotted on stage in Brussels with the Danish band Murder. To be continued, apparently.

A below-bootleg-quality video has appeared of the Nov. 24 gig of Eavesdropper with Simon Lenski. I don't usually post these links but this time, I wanted to point out to you the possibility to click here.

This year's new releases have been added to the discography.

12/10/2007 - DAAU has confirmed three more movie concerts of "Our Daily Bread" for the spring of 2008. The next ones will be in Peer (24/10) and Brussels (01/11).

There are also some new dates for the improvisational jazz-noise group reuniting former and current DAAU members under the name "Bear Guts Quintet" on the following dates:

* october 19: Antwerpen, De Muze
* november 16: Antwerpen, De Muze
* november 29: Antwerpen, Kavka (live soundtrack 'Man with a Movie Camera', presumably this one ?)

Not much news as far as 'regular' DAAU gigs are concerned, but there might be a concert in Heerlen in December. Or maybe not. This site is already selling tickets to a gig that remains unconfirmed.

Eavesdropper will be performing at the "Carte blanche" weekend at the AB in Brussels, curated by choreographer Wim Vandekeybus. Simon Lenski will be joining Eavesdropper for the occasion. With this piece of news and Woven Hand and Marc Ribot & Ceramic Dog as headliners for the evening, don't wait too long to buy your tickets.

And don't forget you have a date with Butsenzeller, next weekend (october 20), at Kavka in Antwerpen. Also on the bill: Minguz, Mintzkov, Raz and more.

13/09/2007 - DAAU is playing a couple of special 'movie concerts' this fall, with three two more dates in Peer and Brussels. The movie is called 'Our daily bread' (Unser täglich Brot). Apparently the movie, which takes a look at today's industrial food production, is mostly devoid of any audio commentary and lets the disturbing images speak for themselves, so the band has the airwaves all to itself.

At the first performance in Oostende, the band did a short interview for Studio Brussels (presumably before ordering their 300 free drinks). The interview is online here.

The new Ez3kiel record is out, it is called "Naphtaline" and once again familiar names grace the booklet, among them Han, Roel and Simon from DAAU as well as Grégory Frateur of Dez Mona who handles vocals on one track. I might add that it's a really good album, and quite a different beast than previous outings.

Meanwhile, Simon is touring with the ladies who sang on that Prima Donkey record. The tour is appropriately entitled Lais & Simon Lenski - drie stemmen en een cello and covers the Dutch-speaking territory as follows:

* sep 16, s'Hertogenbosch (NL), Koningstheater
* sep 20, Aartselaar (B), Aambeeld
* sep 21, Diksmuide (B), Kruispunt
* sep 22, Halle (B), cc 't Vondel
* sep 27, Brussels (B), AB Club
* sep 29, Diest (B), Sint Catharina kerk
* sep 30, Den Egger (B), Scherpenheuvel
* oct 4, Olen (B), kerk Sint-Jozef
* oct 5, Dendermonde (B), Onze-Lieve Vrouwekerk

Wiget/Lenski might playing one more of their rare (but great) concerts in Brussels on October 26. Bo Wiget has this on his website but I could not find confirmation elsewhere.

And finally, Prima Donkey III had its debut public performance at this year's Pukkelpop festival. I completely overslept that one and if anyone wants to let me know how it went or was on stage, please e-mail me or post it ... somewhere. Thanks.


20/06/2007 - The Bear Guts Quintet will improvise at De Muze in Antwerp once again on July 6th, this time with the following musicians ...
Simon Lenski: (Daau, Prima Donkey...) Cello, Electronics
Bootsie Butsenzeller: (Daau, Traktor...) Drums, Electronics
Fré Madou: (ex Daau, Fables Of Fungus...) Double Bass
Andrew Claes: (Stijn, Fables Of Fungus...) Sax, Electronics
Adriaan Lenski: (ex Daau...) Piano


16/05/2007 - DAAU will perform an outdoor fest in Antwerpen on May 27 as a tribute to Flemish writer Herman de Coninck to commemorate his passing ten years ago. The location is Draakplaats/Tramplein in Antwerpen-Zurenborg.

In the DAAU-as-sidekicks department, the new Ez3kiel album, "Napthaline" features Han, Simon and Roel as well as Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona). I think the album is only out in France at the moment.
And I should also (finally) correct the last entry: Buni *does* indeed play on the latest Donkey Diesel oeuvre. Sorry for confusion.


08/04/2007 - MacFly has kindly posted great pictures of the recent DAAU concert in Dunkerque. (If you think that someone is missing in the pictures - you're right.)

Also some very good pictures have turned up from the concert in Nancy last September.

Dez Mona have a new, critically-acclaimed release out, "Moments of Dejection or Despondency". They have concerts scheduled throughout Belgium (plus a few Dutch dates as well), and Roel is a steady member on accordeon.

Wiget/Lenski now have their own web site, http://www.wiget-lenski.be. Their album release was delayed a bit but it is out *now*, and they too have a bunch of concert appearances coming up in Gent, Brussels and Amsterdam.
You can also see and hear Simon accompanying the three female voices of Laïs on his cello.

Donkey Diesel also have a new, vinyl-only release entitled "Donkey Diesel's Bravado" (Donkeytron) No DAAU people actually play on this record but it's still a great record and is worthy of your ears' attention - if you can get ahold of it (I found it a little more difficult than necessary). One way or another, you can also watch the recent Donkey Diesel concert at Brussels' AB online.

As for DAAU, they provided live accompaniment to the film "Unser täglich Brot" in Amsterdam on March 22. They will pull a similar trick and play live accompaniment to the movie "Requiem For A Dream" in Paris on May 29. And as always, you can refer to the tour page for the latest list of tour dates.

In other very good news, Radical Duke Entertainment also has its own internet presence now, www.radicalduke.com. Your one-stop mail-order facility for all matters DAAU, Donkey Diesel, Dez Mona and Wiget/Lenski.

And finally, German radio listeners should note the 8th of May in their calendar, for on that day the station MDR Figaro will run a one-hour special on DAAU, rebroadcasting the band's 2005 set at the Tanz- und Folkfest Rudolstadt.

Until we meet again!

19/01/2007 - It's the time of the ZAMU award nominations again, a prize given away every year by the Flamish Muziekcentrum. This year, Prima Donkey has been nominated for the ZAMU award 2006 in the "roots" category. If you think that the award is deserved and long overdue, you can vote for Prima Donkey on that very website. Make your voice heard! Or make a donkey sound, at least. The award ceremony takes place at AB in Brussels, February 13th, and there will be a live-stream that evening.

Prima Donkey have only one, but one rather high-profile gig scheduled at the moment, at De Nachten in Antwerpen, January 26th.

Our compadres in DAAU, on the other hand, have a couple more tour dates scheduled in France. Rumours are going around that those could be the last live concerts for a little while. The first show will be a rare appearance by the 'acoustic quartet' in Amsterdam, February 16th.


22/12/2006 - Subject Says It All !


17/12/2006 - The official daau.com website has been diagnosed with temporary dysfunction. DAAU's space takes its place until daau.com is back in action.


12/12/2006 - At the invitation of Dez Mona, DAAU will take part in one last (?) show of the year, to take place at CC de Werft in Geel, December 22nd. What exactly will happen is a mystery - as always. But it seems very likely that Messieurs Gunter Nagels and Andrew Claes will also be on stage.

Important news about the Lenski/Wiget gig in Berlin: it seems to have been moved from Dec. 17 to Dec. 15. I did tell you on time, so don't come complainin' afterwards. It is part of an intriguing line-up of art performances and musical experiments, and actually will be Lenski/Wiget's first ever outing outside of the kingdom with the big B. Their CD is due out on Radical Duke Entertainment real soon now, and already has a cover and a title: "Die Vögelein schweigen im Walde".

And after a winter break, there will be a DAAU tour de France.


04/11/2006 - Watch DAAU live at the Rockomotives festival in Vendôme here !


17/10/2006 - The concert in Grenoble on October 20th has been cancelled. But: DAAU will also play at the Crossing Border Festival in Den Haag on November 16, along with Prima Donkey - among many others.


06/10/2006 - The boys are currently on tour in France (interrupted by a quick trip to Taiwan!); the tour page reflects the most up-to-date information as far as I have been able to determine ... and it looks that the gig in Reims is off the schedule. There is also a gig that seems to take place on a motor ship in Amsterdam. The gig is listed as taking place in Rostock, Germany, but I guess it depends on where the ship is going to be on the evening on November 20. In the same city as the band, I hope!

After the album release, there are now a couple of Prima Donkey gigs in the pipeline, including a visit to the prestigious Crossing Border festival in Den Haag.

Three new items have been added to the discography, and soon I'll find a way to make it easier to browse :-)


16/09/2006 - The new album "Prima Donkey's Rhythme Exotique" is now available from www.daau.com.

A concert at the Grand Mix in Tourcoing has been added for October 4th. Think of One will support. The next night at the venue is also Belgium/DAAU-related, as with An Pierlé & White Velvet on the bill, supported by Donkey Diesel.

French music magazine "Les Inrockuptibles" has DAAU's cover of "2+2=5" on their new issue's Radiohead tribute CD. It was taken from DAAU's 2004 release, "Tub Gurnard Goodness".

More autumnal shows have been confirmed for Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. And most notably, DAAU will play in Taiwan for the first time in October.


24/08/2006 - DAAU has confirmed about ten shows in France in September and October.

Meanwhile, I should remind you that Prima Donkey plays a one-off show in Brussels next week to celebrate the release of their album, "Prima Donkey's Rhythme Exotique". Even before that, the Donkey saga continues in Gent tonight with a new, improvisational project named Donkey d'O. The band will be improvising a soundtrack to a lingerie presentation (!), or so I am told. The line-up this time: Trijn Janssens, Geert Waegeman, Rudy Trouvé, Kike Noviello, Jen Vandermeesch, Jules Lemmens, Bjorn Eriksson, Han Stubbe and Gunter Nagels.

And if you needed further proof that Germans, in general, don't get "it", you can read mostly confused, "I don't know what I should think now" reviews (but also some really positive ones) of "Domestic Wildlife" here, here, here, here, here, here or here.


17/07/2006 - Last-minute webcast alert: It seems likely that DAAU's set at Gentse Feesten tomorrow will be webcast live - the time to tune in is 8 pm Gent local time.


23/06/2006 - New tour dates in France confirmed today - for more details see the tour page yet again!


22/06/2006 - New dates confirmed: DAAU return to their new living room in November. (Yes, Denmark.) For more details see the tour page!

The origins of the song "Dispositioning System" finally revealed!


19/06/2006 - I'll blame it on the heat. Various reasons have kept me from updating the site. So, let me sum up the news for you ...

"Domestic Wildlife" will be released in Germany on PIAS on July 14.

Hannes d'Hoine is DAAU's new bass player. Goodbye Fré, welcome Hannes!

Whenever Boots isn't drumming for DAAU, he can usually be found in the Traktor seat, such as there and then:

24.06.2006 - Terschelling (NL) - Oerol Festival
05.07.2006 - Etterbeek (B) - Maalbeek
29.07.2006 - Zwolle (NL) - Pleinfeesten
05.08.2006 - Buggenhout (B) - Mestup Festival

Meanwhile, Butsenzeller has got into podcasting. Apparently this one is suitable for the entire family.

The saga of the ensemble of musicians called Prima Donkey continues. After two celebrated concerts at the AB last year, the group has announced that an album will be released (which yours truly predicted would never happen ....) after the summer, with a single to be released next week. Both on DAAU's own Radical Duke Entertainment label. In addition, the group confirmed its third live performance, which will take place in (surprise!) Brussels, on August 29 at Feeerieen (that's three e's before the i and two after the i). The line-up should be more or less the same as last time: Rudy Trouvé, Gunter Nagels, Jorunn Bauweraerts & Nathalie Delcroix (Laïs), Roel Jacobs (Seatsniffers), Kristiaan 'Boss' Bossschaert (Internationals), and Han Stubbe & Simon Lenski of DAAU.

You can listen to two tracks of Bo Wiget & Simon Lenski at Bo Wiget's site.

As always, a few changes to the DAAU gig schedule: Römersee Festival (Aug. 18) is off, the band plays in the french town of Cholet instead.


17/04/2006 - Pictures from the Effenaar concert are here.

Simon and Han did an interview for FM Brussels today. You can listen back to the interview on the programme "De Vlaamse Steenweg" for a week starting tomorrow here. Thanks boots for the pointer.

The Cucamonga interview broadcast today will also be available for your listening and reading pleasure.

Last call for the limited-edition bonus live EP. Order the new album directly from DAAU, the first 100 orders receive the EP. Don't say I didn't do my best to keep supplies short.

later the same evening: DAAU in the news: Vernieuwd DAAU brengt Kleine Zaal Paard in extase (VPRO)

And here is the article from De Morgen.

Author: Dirk Steenhaut

Instrumentale muziek: rockrecensenten hebben het er vaak moeilijk mee. Hoe omschrijf je de nonverbale narratieve structuur van een compositie zonder overdreven technisch, academisch of pedant te worden ?
Songs zonder teksten of zang geven de luisteraar weliswaar meer ruimte tot interpretatie, maar vergen ook extra concentratie en inlevingsvermogen. De heren van Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung (DAAU) zitten daar niet mee in hun maag. De Antwerpse groep volgt al jaren een eigen koers, verovert almaar buitenlandse podia en speelt nog altijd op folk en klassiek geënte akoestische kamermuziek met een punkspirit. De anarchisten klinken soms lyrisch, dan weer opzwepend, maar schuwen geen uitstapjes richting dub of elektronica.
Op Domestic Wildlife is het gezelschap door toevoeging van een drummer en een contrabassist een heus sextet geworden. Beide nieuwelingen waren ook actief betrokken bij het compositie- en opnameproces en wellicht verklaart dat waarom er wat meer jazzy en improvisatie-elementen in de muziek zijn geslopen.
Dromerige nummers als 'Rabbit Eye Movement' en 'Tropic Of cancer' staan broederlijk naast het omineuze 'Dispositioning System' of het kolkende 'Aufhören'. Een ijzersterk en prikkelend werkstuk, maar ga zeker ook eens kijken naar het concert van DAAU op Les Nuits Botanique (30 April) of een van hun optredens in het Vlaamse land. (DS)


15/04/2006 - Moniek has written a review about the Eindhoven concert here (click on "mix", then on "daau diary") and kindly included a setlist featuring such intriguing items as "soft jazz" or "noise".

Anybody else want to write some reviews about the Dutch gigs? Send 'em to .

later the same evening: The Denmark tour has been extended to four shows, the newest one taking place at Fabriken in Arhus on May 25.

even later the same evening: There is also a review of "Domestic Wildlife" in Saturday's edition of De Morgen. If someone could forward it to me I'd be most grateful. Another review has appeared in the MassMuzikaS (an online music mag so new it doesn't have a website?!) and it reads:

Alhoewel het geflirt met het nepwereldje van de pop hen misschien even deed zweven, staan ze terug stevig in hun eigen schoenen. Domestic Wildlife is een pure ode aan de muziek. Klassiek, folk, jazz, avant-garde, Balkan, experiment, psychedelica, soundtrackelementen, je vindt het hier allemaal in één of andere combinatie terug. Simon Lenski (cello, elektronica), Han Stubbe (klarinet), Roel Van Camp (accordeon), Buni Lenski (viool), Fré Madou (contrabas) en Geert Budts (drums, elektronica) leveren een werkstukje af boordevol bizarre sprookjeswerelden. Hun spel met contrasten en tempowisselingen vormt de ideale soundtrack voor verhalen over Lounja La Gazelle, Highway Tiger en Lost Soles. Dan hebben we het nog niet gehad over titels als Rabbit Eye Movement of Nowhere Beach. Een uiterst intimistische uitstap tussen droom en werkelijkheid met een paar onverwachte wendingen richting onderwereld. Op 30 april live tijdens Les Nuits Botanique, niet toevallig samen met Jaga Jazzist.


12/04/2006 - There is an article about DAAU on page 13 of today's De Tijd. (I think you have to register to read it online.) Besides a nice interview with Simon, it mentions that "Tub Gurnard Goodness" sold a very respectable 8,000 copies and that DAAU is going to appear at Rock Werchter this year!

thanks -as always- to Quinten


10/04/2006 - Almost 200 US$ for probably the rarest DAAU item ever: the one version of dEUS' single "Suds & Soda" featuring the DAAU interpretation of the song as track #4. If you're not enough of a fetishist to spend so much money on the item, the track is also available on dEUS' "No More Video" DVD. So much for today's discographical knowledge!


08/04/2006 - Sad news from the band:

"Just before the new tour, our bassplayer Fre Madou decided to leave the band for personal reasons." Nonetheless, the tour will apparently go on as planned with a yet-to-be-announced bass player - with a week to go before the first gigs.

Meanwhile a recording of last week's Luchtbal concert has turned up for download on dimeadozen.

Lenski + Wiget have a track on the Domino Festival 2006 sampler CD, entitled "Dancing Disaster". It's two minutes of glorious cello noise. I don't think the CD is for regular sale, but there are still possibilities to get the CD if you don't want to wait for an official release - see this page for more details.

...And don't forget that you can order the new album directly from daau.com and receive an extra bonus ...


01/04/2006 - No jokes today.

Just a quick note to spread the word that - as with previous albums - DAAU will plug the CD in an interview to Radio 1 Cucamonga, to be broadcast in the evening of April 17th. You can listen to the programme online.

(If you're not from the Low countries - Dutch is easier than you think!)

Also worth mentioning is that DAAU played a semi-private try-out concert at CC Luchtbal, March 30. This one time I will link to Moniek's Convertiblechaos site and let you find the page entitled "DAAU diary". She was there and has good things to report.


25/03/2006 - Thanks to StuBru, here's the track list for "Domestic Wildlife".

1. Lounja La Gazelle
2. Domestic Wildlife
3. Rabbit Eye Movement
4. Dispositioning System
5. Pedanterie
6. Wish You Were Hit
7. Tropic Of Cancer
8. Aufhören
9. Highway Tiger
10. Nowhere Beach
11. Lost Soles

I see the continuation of at least two long-standing DAAU traditions in the naming of both albums and songs ...


20/03/2006 - Two preview tracks from the upcoming CD, "Domestic Wildlife", are available on the band's myspace page now: "Lounja la Gazelle" and "Aufhören".

I just stumbled over the website for the Wiget/Lenski project again. It mentions a "CD out December 2005" and links to a demo MP3 sporting the interesting title "Stimulating the Tokyo", but which unfortunately is not downloadable. Bottom line seems to be that there is an album release planned, which is good enough to make me happy. Maybe someone else has more information about this project that they can share?


16/03/2006 - Tour schedules can make for incredibly boring reading sometimes. The same cities, the same venues, year after year. But some dates are really off the beaten track, and they deserve a special mention. On April 29, DAAU will perform at L'Akwaba in the beautiful 2,000-something town of Chateauneuf de Dadagne, which is near Avignon.


10/03/2006 - You can start counting the days. "Domestic Wildlife" will be released to record shops in Benelux on April 17, 2006. Releases in other countries are yet to be announced, but you can order the album directly from DAAU from April 10 onwards. And I advise you to do so quick - as the first 100 online orders will receive an exclusive bonus live EP. Hmmmm.

- When I play DAAU to unsuspecting people, one of their most frequent reactions is that this music would be great for a movie score. And it looks like that's going to happen! The official site confirms that the "fourtet is working on a filmscore" (interesting choice of words here - does that mean that Boots and Fré are non grata?). The movie is called Practical Pistol Shooting and is directed by Willen Thijsen, the only Vlaming to boast two oscars. And classy films deserve classy soundtracks. Plans are to release the soundtrack sometime this year.

- The show in Brussels on April 30 will be a double bill with none other than Jaga Jazzist, so it should be even more appealing than it already is. But then, the whole Nuits Botanique programme is quite outstanding.


02/03/2006 - Some small changes to the tour schedule. Most importantly, the show in Brussels has been moved to April 30. The Botanique web site currently has no date for DAAU, but there are lots of other bands already scheduled that night; Andrew Bird and Sophia among them.

There will be no updates next week. Keep checking the band's myspace site though, as Boots announced that they are going to upload some preview tracks there.


26/02/2006 - I am happy to relay the news that the baby has a name: the next DAAU album will be called - tata! - "Domestic Wildlife", and it is being mastered as we speak. Here's the catch. People wanting to previews from the upcoming album should keep checking their myspace page with an impossibly long URL and an even impossiblier choice of colours. And why these new tracks will be "exlusive for myspace users" is beyond my understanding, as myspace has a dubious reputation, to say the least.

daau.yurk.net will be happy to always serve you with DAAU news in an eye-friendly format.


23/02/2006 - As you'll notice, I've shuffled things a bit round the site yet again. New album, new tour, one step closer to world domination, and daau.yurk.net has to jump on the bandwagon I guess.

Turns out the a-team will be testing their new material out in the Netherlands even before they play it in their native country. daau.com has three new gigs booked in some familiar venues:

13/04/2006 (Thursday) - Den Haag NL - Paard van Troje
14/04/2006 (Friday) - Eindhoven NL - Effenaar
20/04/2006 (Thursday) - Utrecht NL - Tivoli de Helling

And thanks for pointing out what Tivoli I have to target. Wouldn't want to aimlessly wander around rainy Utrecht again :-)

Also in the news: Lowlands released Donkey Diesel's Charm on CD.

DAAU IN 2006

09/01/2006 - a very happy new year from me to all of you. The year shapes up to be a good one, a new DAAU tour has already been confirmed for May and there are more concerts planned for the summer. Check the tour page for details. that's it for now, gotta hurry ....


10/12/2005 - Boots keeps us updated over at the yahoogroup. On January 6 there will be an improvisational performance of the Geert Budts Quintet at de Muze. What the heck, I'll just quote the man:

This time the members are: Fré Madou (Daau, Fables Of Fungus) on Double Bass, Nicolas Rombouts (Dez Mona, goddamn) Double Double Bass, Simon Lenski (Daau, Prima Donkey, I Hate Camera...) on Cello, Adrian lenski (ex Daau) on Piano and Boots (Daau, Traktor, One Louder...) on Drums. 22pm !! Muze is situated on Melkmarkt 15 Antwerp City.

And This Friday 9 December DJ Butsenzeller (A.k.a Bootsie) will turn the tables at Scheld'apen d' Herbouvillekaai 36 Antwerp from 20 pm

For you Dutch Folks out there
Traktor (with daau members) will perform
on 16 December: ORKZ in Groningen (Holland)
17 December: Eureka Zwolle (Holland) + DJ Butsenzeller

Be there or be not! (I surely will!)

See some new pictures from the fabulous Prima Donkey II gig. And I've also posted some over-exposed pictures from the Bremen gig in June.


01/11/2005 - Poetry. Bukowski. DAAU. Butsenzeller. A new remix. That about sums it up, I think - ah - Butsenzeller has sent me a brand-new remix of DAAU's "My Goodness! Poetry", called the Daau Charles Poetry Butsenzeller remix ! Thanks, amigo. Like it ? He has a whole album ready, check his site for news.

Meanwhile, Simon was spotted October 28 at CC Luchtbal, contributing cello and electronics to an all-improvised set by the band I Hate Camera, alongside Craig Ward, Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Pascal Deweze and Jeroen Stevens. If you're quick you can catch a bootleg of that show here. Next day, the three Lenski brothers plus Fré Madou plus Boots played at de Muze in Antwerpen. dare I say ... bootleg... ? please ?!


08/10/2005 - DAAU have announced that they will take a break from touring at the end of this month. However, we know you will be rejoiced to learn that the plan is to head to the studio to record the follow-up to "Tub Gurnard Goodness". The full sextet will be heard on the album, and Frank Duchene will once again be in charge of the production. The release is tentatively scheduled for April 2006, with a new tour to follow. If that future is too painfully distant to you - you'll have to choose from the four remaining gigs before the break:

14.10.2005 St. Germain en Laye (FR)
25.10.2005 Strasbourg (FR)
28.10.2005 Lörrach (D)
29.10.2005 Hildesheim (D)

Oh, and we have new items in the discography and new pictures, too ...


23/09/2005 - Listen to Sweek feat. Han Stubbe on clarinet (see previous entry) in a free mp3 sample of the new Sweek album. You can download one entire track lasting about 10 minutes entitled "Iki".


12/09/2005 - Catch Buni this Friday when he joins the band Narrow Terence in Paris. The gig is at 8pm sharp at OPA, 9 rue Biscornet, Métro Bastille. More information cannot be found on the band's site, Narrow Terence.

Meanwhile, Han Stubbe has apparently done some work for the newest album by Belgian post-rockers (sort-of ?) Sweek. The album will be released end October on Carte Postale Records. More info soon ...

Brush up your Dutch language skills and read an interview with Han Stubbe made at this year's Sziget festival.


Aufgemerkt! Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung (DAAU) ist Anfang Oktober auf Tournee in Deutschland, und aus diesem freudigen Anlaß gibt es etwas zu gewinnen. Wer zu den glücklichen Gewinnern zählen möchte, schreibt einfach bis zum 23.09. seinen Namen an verlosung@yurk.net. Für die folgenden vier Konzerte gibt es dann jeweils 2 x 2 Tickets zu gewinnen. Bitte schreibt dazu, in welcher Stadt Ihr dabei sein wollt. Viel Glück!

03.10.2005 Frankfurt, Brotfabrik
04.10.2005 Berlin, Kesselhaus
05.10.2005 Kassel, Schlachthof
06.10.2005 Nürnberg, Die Rakete

Mehr Tourdaten gibt es wie immer hier.


29/07/2005 - A second "Prima Donkey" concert has been announced for December 2nd at the AB Club in Brussels. The assorted line-up will consist of Rudy Trouvé, Gunter Nagels, Jorunn Bauweraerts & Nathalie Delcroix (Laïs), Roel Jacobs (Seatsniffers) Kristiaan 'Boss' Bossschaert (Internationals), and Han Stubbe & Simon Lenski (DAAU). If this one is to top the delightful first Prima Donkey concert that took place in March, it will be a treat!

Two more tour dates have been added in Slovenia and Austria.


16/07/2005 - Some news to report, so here is something to update you of what's going on in daauland. Boots keeps himself busy playing with Traktor, whose live line-up has been augmented by Peter Pask of Maxon Blewitt fame, and One Louder. Futhermore he will join the Kapitein Winokio's Grote Wondershow on drums and samples on the following dates:

  • every Tuesday from 20/07 through the end of August, at Rivierenhof in Deurne
  • on August 29 and 30, at Boterhammen in het park in Brussels.

  • And as if this man wasn't tough enough to keep track of, he plays Bossaball whenever he's got a free minute. On several festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands this summer.

    Not a grote wondershow, but a whole two-day wonderfestival takes place in Antwerpen on the first weekend of September, featuring many of the bands on the scene we've grown to love: Donkey Diesel, The Love Substitutes, Millionaire, Viva la Fete ... and DAAU !

    In other news, Buni played along on the vinyl release of inneke23 & the lipstick painters... inneke23 is from 'de bossen'... more info when i get it.... thanks moniek for alerting me.

    Buscemi has a new double-CD / double-vinyl album out of his remixes. Included is the remix of "Gin & Tonic" he did for DAAU in 1998. thanks q.


    11/06/2005 - DAAU blogged something for the Standaard during the France tour in April. Click here to read more.

    For pictures from the AB Club performance, look right here.


    26/05/2005 - Simon Lenski teams up with Swiss "rock cellist, composer, improvisor, little theatre animal and antinationalist" Bo Wiget for a series of duo performances. The first two try-outs will take place at Klotenatie in Antwerpen on June 11 and 12. The official premiere will be at the De Singel, also in Antwerpen, on November 10th. A tour is in the planning stages for December.

    Roel van Camp contributes accordeon to the new Dez Mona release, "Pursued Sinners". He will also appear live with Dez Mona in August and September; for details check the new 'other bands' section on the tour date page!


    23/05/2005 - Pickin' up the pieces: there are really new & really good pictures online from the recent concerts in Gent and Leuven. These concerts were probably the last ones the band is going to play in Belgium for a while, except for two more festival appearances in Gent (22/07) and Antwerpen (02/09), as the band prepares to visit Denmark, France, Germany and Hungary over the next months.

    In other news, Simon is involved in a new theatrical project. There should be a try-out performance in Antwerpen next month; more details about who / where / when when they become available ...


    06/05/2005 - The European Summer tour is ever expanding, with the band now scheduled to appear at Roskilde on June 30th and at Fusion Festival in Lärz, Germany, on July 1st. After their very successful gig at Vooruit this week, the band will return to Gent for the Boomtown live festival on July 22nd.


    03/04/2005 - DAAU tour, with and without Ez3kiel. Expanded and corrected. Now with links to most of the venues and festivals involved. Take note that a DAAU vs. Ez3kiel date has been added for Bergerac on April 23rd. The concert in Lausanne is replaced with one in Bern. More details, please see the tour page.


    24/03/2005 - While the Ez3kiel / DAAU "Versus" tour continues with shows all over France (and some in Switzerland too), some European DAAU dates (both headlining and festival) have been added in Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark and Germany.

    "Tub Gurnard Goodness" is now being distributed in France via Discograph.

    For bookings in Germany, you can now contact Hotellounge.


    13/02/2005 - There have been some changes to the DAAU vs. EZ3KIEL tour schedule. Some gigs cancelled, others added ... and the show will travel to Switzerland for two dates in Lausanne and Winterthur.
    On March 5th, DAAU (sans Ez3kiel) will play a one-off gig at Kino Ebensee in Austria.


    21/01/2005 - This just in (thanks Erik!) - "Prima Donkey" is a new band project which will perform for the first time on March 4th at the AB Club in Brussels. The line-up consists of Gunter Nagels, Rudy Trouvé, Han Stubbe, Buni Lenski (no introduction to these people should be needed for regular visitors to this site!), completed by Geert Waegeman (Cro Magnon), Nathalie Delcroix and Jorunn Bauweraerts of Laïs. The official concert announcement is here ...


    09/01/2005 - Lots of new pictures posted on the gallery page !


    27/12/2004 - The EZ3KIEL VS. DAAU tour 2005 has been announced. Go to the tour dates page for further details.

    You can listen to a complete DAAU concert in brillant quality here, live at the Alternativa festival in Prague on November 26. Courtesy of VPRO.

    Happy New Year! See you in 2005.


    04/12/2004 - The first tour dates of 2005 are confirmed! And this is only the beginning, as more gigs around Belgium, Germany, Austria and France will be added ... click the tour date page for more information.


    30/11/2004 - The tour rolls on with performances in Mechelen and Aarschot this week. And click here to download the new version of "Catfish Blues" recorded with Donkey Diesel singer Gunter Nagels, and featuring Adrian Lenski playing piano.


    19/11/2004 - I posted some of the pictures I took at the concert here in Berlin on Wednesday on the photo page.

    Also, here are links to some raving reviews of TUB GURNARD GOODNESS in various languages, at Heaven.be, Westzeit.de, Plattentests.de and musicoutlook.de, and of course kindamuzik.net. Happy reading.

    DAAU MEETS DONKEY DIESEL (and Roel meets Traktor)

    14/11/2004 - DAAU MEETS DONKEY DIESEL is the moniker for the single released this week. Well, actually it will not be available in the stores, but only made available for download on the official site (?) and for radio stations. It contains a newly recorded version of "Catfish Blues" featuring a special vocal performance of Gunter Nagels, chief of Donkey Diesel, who will support DAAU on their upcoming Belgian tour.

    Recently, Roel van Camp has been spotted swirling the accordeon with Traktor. You can see Traktor featuring Roel in Antwerp / Petrol next Saturday, promoting the new Traktor CD.

    Last-minute tour schedule addition: DAAU will be playing in Rognes (near Marseille) next Friday (Nov. 19). Go out and shake your asses, boys and girls.

    And don't forget to come out to the gigs in HAMBURG and BERLIN this week. Even though they are not mentioned on the official site, they are confirmed and happening.


    07/11/2004 - Set your ears to Radio 1 (Netherlands flavor) next Sunday, November 14, at 7 pm, when DAAU plays a live session for "Opium". That week DAAU will also perform on the TMF Café, though I don't know when their performance will be aired. If you do, please let me know!

    A small correction to our report about the Prague gig; it's not the Scala but the Arca Theater that DAAU will be performing at.


    25/10/2004 - I've just been informed that DAAU are coming to Germany for a couple more gigs: in Hamburg and Berlin, on Nov. 16th and 17th respectively; supporting the German release of TUB GURNARD GOODNESS.


    08/10/2004 - Good people, we have some news for you.

    * DAAU recorded a new version of "Catfish Blues" for a possible single release. This new version features Gunter Nagels of Donkey Diesel adding vocals to the song that you hear in all-instrumental fashion on Tub Gurnard Goodness.

    * The DAAU vs. EZ3KIEL live DVD will be released in January 2005. Later that year, the show will return to the road to promote the DVD.

    * The release date for Tub Gurnard Goodness in Germany has been announced: November 15, on PIAS.


    28/09/2004 - At least according to what Boots said at about 4:15 early Saturday, as DAAU wrapped up a spectacular late-night appearance at Amsterdam's Robodock festival. A couple of pictures of the gig have been posted.


    21/09/2004 - And even more tour dates! Word just came in that -in between two Belgian concerts- the Anarchists will travel to the Czech Republic for a gig at Prague's Scala Theatre on November 26.


    20/09/2004 - VPRO has done it again ... click here to listen to DAAU vs. EZ3KIEL live from the Bazar Curieux festival in Rotterdam. Recorded last Saturday, September 18.


    19/09/2004 - Donkey Diesel is confirmed to support DAAU at seven concerts this fall. Yeeeeeeee-haw to that.


    13/09/2004 - The German department of PIAS will release Tub Gurnard Goodness in Germany "in early November", an exact release date is to-be-dee.

    It's been a good day today, as far as Mondays go.


    12/09/2004 - DAAU's fall tour is taking shape and a number of familiar support acts have been announced. Leuven's Grim will open the concert in Mechelen (Dec. 3). They played a brilliant set of Eric Satie interpretations supporting "DAAU vs. Troissoeur" last year. On December 11 in Opwijk, hard-working Donkey Diesel will do the hoboken bounce.

    The Deventer gig is happening on September 30, not on October 15 as reported previously. Unfortunately, the concert in Leuven planned for October 21st has to be cancelled.

    The jam band project Confituur All-Stars (feat. Roel van Camp) has a new gig scheduled at Govio in Kalmthout the next day, October 22nd.


    25/08/2004 - German TV station WDR will show a 90-minute retrospective on this year's Haldern Pop festival on Saturday next week at 1:35 am (in the early hours of Sunday, September 5, to be exact). It's good old Rockpalast. I don't know if any DAAU is included, but it is not to be missed either way.


    There are some semi-new live MP3s online, from the Breda concert back in May. Some of you will have heard them (from the sharingthegroove torrent), but they are too good not to be put online here. A whopping eight songs! So go check the online media department while they are still warm.


    22/08/2004 - A few additions, deletions and shufflings to the tour agenda, which will probably continue to see some changes. Rumors have sprung up all over that DAAU will play one or several showcase sets in Berlin (hip hip hooray!) on occasion of the Popkomm music fair. For the time being I can't confirm or deny, but very soon, we'll know for sure.

    For what it's worth (not much, hmm?), here's where you heard it first: DAAU is booked for a set on TMF in November ... stay tuned ...


    20/07/2004 - There's a "Donkey Veggie" gig scheduled for August 12 at the Scheld'apen in Antwerp. Again Buni, Gunter and Bruno (of Donkey Diesel) will team up with Han and Rudy and, for his long-awaited return ... Adrian Lenski!

    Confituur All-Stars is the Antwerp-based jam-band project in which Roel participates on accordeon, although the exact configuration of musicians, of course, depends on just where and when you'll see them. Another regular member is Boots, drummer in Traktor & DAAU. The Confiturians will appear:
    * at the Rivierenhof in Antwerpen THIS FRIDAY,
    * at Melkrock in Tielt, August 14
    * at Recyclart in Brussels, August 20.
    The Confituurs have a self-made CD out, entitled "De Wie?".

    The guy who plays bass in Donkey Punch (see entry for July 8) is Kristiaan "Boss Beer" Bosschaert, of Seatsniffers fame. As ever, thanks to Moniek for clearing that up, someone who actually reads this and corrects my mistakes!

    With all this spurious activity, don't forget there are some DAAU gigs on as well ;)


    10/07/2004 - See the tour dates page for yet another few additions to the agenda. DAAU will return to Switzerland in late October, after a few more joint gigs with Ez3kiel in Belgium and the Netherlands. And that was the news ...


    08/07/2004 - On June 20th, DAAU teamed up with Donkey Diesel and Rudy Trouvé to perform a very special set at St. Andries in Antwerpen. On stage were Han, Buni, Gunter, Rudy and an unidentified contrabass player ... Simon handled the sound, and Roel mingled about as well.

    Thanks to Q we even have the very strange setlist for this unique event....

    Big Chief Buffalo Nickle (Donkey Diesel)
    Crash By River (Gore Slut)
    Swing de la Tourette
    Catfish Blues (DAAU)
    Fountain of Fools (Donkey Diesel)
    Lila Lila (!!!)
    Judgement Day
    Lila Lila (encore)


    10/06/2004 - News from www.donkeydiesel.be: 'Donkey Punch' will appear on the first edition of 'FEEST VAN DE MUZIEK' to be held in Antwerp on june 20th . For this special engagement Gunter & Buni will be teaming up with Han Stubbe on clarinet and Rudy Trouvé on guitar. www.feestvandemuziek.be

    New tour dates for Belgium and the Netherlands have been added. If you missed DAAU vs. EZ3KIEL (or would just like to see these two bands feed off each other again), DAAU vs. EZ3KIEL will play at pukkelpop, in Rotterdam and in Eindhoven.


    06/06/2004 - Photos from the recent concerts in Strasbourg and Groningen have been added! Click here.


    06/06/2004 - DAAU are on the radio program Brussel Vlaams (on Studio Brussel, of course) tonight at 6. I think you can listen to the show on-demand afterwards.

    For broadband-connected people, there's a recording of the May 29 concert for download here! If you don't know how to use the bittorrent protocol, here's some information for starters. This was one of the first concerts that DAAU played with their newest band members, Boots (drums) and Fre (bass) !


    01/06/2004 - If you happen to not be in the beautiful town of Ghent this Friday, turn your browsers to Radio Charlatan some time around 11 o'clock, 'cause Donkey Diesel will be playing, Buni will handle the violin part, and you can listen to the concert from the comfort of your home.
    If however you do happen to be in Ghent, Café Charlatan (Vlasmarkt 6) is the place to go.

    On a donkey-related note, take a look at the newly opened official Donkey Diesel site, made by the same Moniek who also helps a great deal to keep this site alive.


    31/05/2004 - In the old days, DAAU used to earn a little extra money by playing on the streets of cities anywhere from Antwerpen, Belgium to Ronda, Spain. On July 4, the Anarchists will take to the streets of Tongeren to play at the Stadsmuzikantenfestival. Entry is free of course!

    After a six-year abstience, DAAU will return to Germany on August 6th to perform at the Haldern Pop Festival. It's the same day that dEUS performs.


    06/05/2004 - It's promo-tour time, girls and boys. Listen to Cucamonga's interview with Simon Lenski for the next week here !
    Listen and watch the Anarchists play live on Club 3voor12 !!
    And last but not least, a couple new tour dates for Donkey Diesel and daau in the lowlands have been posted to the tour dates page.


    03/05/2004 - Check www.humo.be and win 25x2 free tickets to the daau concert at Les Nuits Botanique on May 10 !


    29/04/2004 - Thanks to dr. didsky for the link to www.oc-tv.net, "le décentralisateur culturel". Head there to see a DAAU vs. EZ3KIEL real-video reportage (and some older videos documenting Ez3kiel's work as well).

    Simon Lenski talks about 'Muziek in crisis' at knack.be.

    The first photos from the Versus Tour have trickled in, here are links to pictures from the concerts in Lille, St. Etienne and Toulouse.

    And last not least, rumour has it that Ez3kiel will be joining daau for the May 10 concert in Brussel ....


    25/04/2004 - Musica zoekt accordeonisten met minimum 2 jaar ervaring om deel te nemen aan een muziekstage met Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung. Deze stage wordt een combinatie van dansers, cellisten en accordeonisten geleid door Roel van Camp en Simon Lenski van DAAU. Datum: 25 tot 31 juli 2004, Meer informatie op www.musica.be.


    24/04/2004 - You generally can't go wrong tuning in to Radio 1 Cucamonga, and on May 3 you'll even have the chance to catch an interview with DAAU on that programme, which starts at 8 pm Antwerp time. Two days later DAAU will play VPRO's Club 3VOOR12 (follow the link to reserve tickets for the VPRO performance). You can listen to both programmes via the station's websites.


    24/04/2004 - The new daau album is here! Official release date for Benelux is April 29th (pre-order at the band's website now). It's a very acoustic album, direct and pure, at times reminding you of the rightfully legendary first album. DAAU even covers Radiohead! Read more ...


    07/04/2004 - One new album not being enough, DAAU also released a very special CD entitled "Ghost Tracks" early this year. It's a compilation of previously unreleased material. It features unreleased songs, remixes (by Rudy Trouvé and Nicolas Uske), alternate versions and guest appearances. Outstanding, very strange CD! Read more ...


    08.04.2004 - With the release of a brand-new album and a busy concert schedule, 2004 is shaping up to be a tremendous year for daau. so check back often on daau.yurk.net - updates will now be more frequent from now.

    moniek is now chief layouter and local antwerp correspondent for this site.... check out her convertible chaos web site ... and i am still [ hanno -at- yurk.net ].

    thank you buni, simon, han and roel, and all others - you know who you are.


    07/04/2004 - daau is currently touring France with Ez3kiel. they have also been booked for a special CD presentation concert at 'les nuits botaniques' and a tour through the Netherlands. Read more ...